Aug 2
Stephanie Torres and Matt Stonie images  have been added to bits and pieces. Stephanie replaces Rich Shea who is an old scenario.  How can you not include
Stonie and Stephanie ? .  They are both young talented and considered the future of the sport. Many moons ago when i was younger than Stonie i was part of the
up and coming youth movement in my local supermarket. I remember the manager saying "One day this kid is going to run the deli department" After helping
myself to some coldcuts on the first day of the job which were meant for the shoppers and not the employees my services were terminated  after three days.  The
Gringo Bandito Contest takes place tommorow in CA.  You can watch the live stream via this
LINK . The big headliner in that event is Kobayashi. Brad Sciullo is
scheduled to compete but does anyone actually think he is going to show up? He has stiffed sponsors within walking distance of his home so why would he make
a trip out to Huntington CA? It would be interesting to see him go toe to toe with the guy he shitted on 3yrs ago on
 YOUTUBE  which still gets the hits along with
the  personal insults directed towards myself  and Brad . Some notable independent eaters such as Johnny Excell and Nader Reda will be competing. Lets face it
Kobayashi vs Furious Pete is like me going up against Adam da bomb Leffler.  Remember him?  If you need updates on Sean Gordon dad  you can visit this
to send messages and will wishes .
Aug 3
Takeru Kobayashi wins Gringo Bandito taco contest in CA with 81 tacos in 10 min. Furious Pete got 2nd with 49  Brad Sciullo got 3rd with 45. There
were some reports that two of the eaters at the table were flown out. Brad was one . The other did not finish in the money. I received this info from
another source so dont quote me on it..  Brad & Pete seemed to hit it off at the event and both were joking about the youtube video from 2008 .I
guess both are 3yrs older now and a little wiser  . Brad 24 and Pete 27? At 21 youre really not responsible for your own actions. I mean thats how i
look at it. Got confirmed for Buffalo Wings on Sept 4 but wait listed for Buffet bowl the day before. If you look at my past two buffet bowl stats , i always
fared better at that event as opposed to wings.  Stephanie Torres received just the opposite . Kinda weird since i registered the both of us at the
same time. What i also thought was kind of strange was the fact that registration for both were open earlier than the 11am starting time. I checked in
10 min earlier so go figure. Here are the status reports on some of the other names. Stephanie Torres (in for buffet bowl waitlisted for wings)  Damien
Boykin (waitlist)  Larell Marie (in for Buffet bowl )  Brian Subich (in for both)  Keep you posted on updates.
Aug 5
Furious Pete has a short 5 minute VIDEO  discussing his travel preparations for the Gringo taco contest. Throughout most of the video he is getting drunk on the plane
or yawning . He also complains about the changeover  in planes and the hour long wait going through customs but he fails to mention that he was flown out first class.
Towards the latter part of the video he calls Brad Sciullo an asshole and mentions the "horsepiss" segment from the video i did with Brad in Sept 2008. He also looks
forward to a brawl with Brad which of course never took place. Matter fact from what i heard the both of them seemed to have put their past differences aside when the
met for the first time since the Meatball contest three years ago. Maybe Brad should watch this video and think twice about burying the hatchet. For the record if Brad
decides on a diss video part 2  keep me out of it  i got hit with so many insults on youtube i had to delete half of them.. Reports have surfaced that Kevin Ross has left
the IFOCE to become an independent eater. The loss of Ross is too much to bare at this moment.  This coming off a published report that Kevin asked the IFOCE for
permission to  participate in a show called Bones which would feature Ross munching on a brand of hot dogs other than Nathans. OMG that is a no no Kevin . Thats like
attending an orthodox day camp and asking the Rabbi if its ok to buy a non kosher hot dog from a vendor. It wont work Kevin i tried that  when i was subjected to
spending one month in the same camp back in July 1968  getting caught with a bun and dog in my hand that was anything but Hebrew National..  . Last month i received
a FB message from him basically calling me every dirty name in the book because i didnt see eye to eye with him on certain issues. Whatever  good luck Kevin im sure
you will inherit a huge fanbase going independent .
Aug 9
Kobayashi and Furious Pete will battle once again in a pizza rematch  this time in Canada on Aug 21 WOODFRIEDPIZZA   Sooner or later Pete will get tired of losing
to Kobayashi and find  some other competition he can dominate . Oyster productions which is CLC,  put together a
MONTAGE  of  media clips that featured CLC over
the years. If you notice in nearly every clip he is accompanied by other eaters excluding myself. I dont ask for the world  matter fact i dont ask for half the world or
even a quarter  but it would have been nice if just once i could have been included. Everyone always asks me the same question. Then why do you stay with MLE?
Well if it was just about being excluded from the media i would have been gone a long time ago. I never got into that cheating aspect of Conti career because its
irrelevant as far as im concerned. It was the media stuff that annoyed me more than anything else.  You wonder why he is such a gracious and kind human being
when you meet him  ? Well the answer is plain and simple.  If you were being "taken care of " wouldnt you act the same way?  .
Aug 12
Close call  as Brian Dudzinski wife Noelle and soon to be born son were involved in a horrific car accident the other day. First Sean Gordons mom and now
this? Fortunately this time there were no fatalities as  she escaped unharmed. Sometimes you just dont know what life has in store for you  from one day to
the next.  Here is a
PIC  of the vehicle after the accident. Ed Cookie Jarvis  claims his health issues escalated after he gave up competitive eating which i
find kind of  bizzare. We know about the thyroid cancer but i always thought he had the diabetes issue while he was an active participant in the sport. It
appears that shit has hit the fan with the homeless stalker as he has made enemies with Ed Cookie Jarvis. Apparently Jarvis made the huge mistake of
giving him his phone number some time ago. Yes you read that right PHONE NUMBER. The only number he should have is a cell block number and he will
get his wish  if he keeps up his bullshit. Ed Jarvis is  no one to be fu-- with if you know what i mean. Jarvis was on FB the other night and asked Kobayashi
if he wanted to go to lunch . Well guess who pops into the conversation? Yes the creepo "Hey what about me how come im not invited?"   First off why
did    Kobayashi and Jarvis add him on . ? Second of all . If you amassed hundreds and thousands of friends the way Jarvis has  and you dont screen them
expect anything . If this was a perfect world we wouldn't have to worry about such nonsense but since its not , then expect the worse.  Well Jarvis
smartened up and blocked him but i doubt Koby followed suit. Next thing you know Jarvis gets a call from the 53yr old mental case with the mind of a 9yr
old.  "Hey why did you block me . Are you blowing Brian" ? A cancer of this magnitude has to be stopped and stopped immediately. Apparently Joe
Menchetti doesn't feel its a priority to put a stop to this after being the victim of threats and harassment by this living abortion. After having a
shoved in his face after the Chef1 dumpling contest in       NYC last year , and receiving death threats through a third party via FB, one would assume
Menchetti would take care of biz. Instead he claims the recent turn of events between him and Gavonne had drastically improved his sex life with the wife.
Go figure?
Aug 13
To those  of you that wonder why i dont post more often, there is really nothing much to  post when another blog has a monopoly on the entire spectrum of the
sport. If i post something he will repost it on his site and everyone will think he posted it first. If i find an interesting video or editorial he will manage to post it just
before i get my hands on. The best way to describe this thief  is a No life selfish sneak. This guy must have loads and loads of time on his hands if he can put
together a top 30 head to head comparison table. Who in their right mind  has time for such bullshit? And honestly who the hell cares? Why doesnt OJ Rifkin put
together a text   comparison table of  the same anonymous faggot that looks to slam me every time i have an opinion about something . Or what about Rhonda
Evans and Stallion Italian? . Maybe im wrong but i caught too many similarities in text which might lead me to believe that they are one and the same and not
Stephanie Wu. As far as some of his other boring updates,   if you find a  two  man  12lb pizza challenge interesting, then go to eatfeces and read all about it.If you
cant eat it yourself then dont do it at all . To me its about as interesting as listening to 90yr old Ralph Kiner attempt to call the play by play of a NY Met game. Did
the Mets finally relieve him of his services or is the courtesy call still in effect for someone that has a foot and a half in the grave.   Sad to announce the passing of  
Cleveland native and old school competitive eater Dave Moe RIbs Molesky at age 57. . A throwback to the early days of IFOCE 2001-03. Dave was a real character
symbolic of WWF Lou Albano Fred Blassie. He was the first to bring color and charisma to the sport with his flashy sport jackets and neck ties. Depending on how
thick youre skin was, he was known to rub people the wroing way with some of his wisecracks.  I still own one of his trademark  pink beaded necklace he gave to me
as a gift  in 2003 when we met up at Dennys Beer Barrell in PA. to attempt the 15lb burger challenge.  I know he had some major health related setbacks suffering
from heart problems and diabetes which also led to doctors amputating one of his legs back in 2004. He will be missed .
Someone by the name of Amy Shapiro who is obviously an obsessed fan or more than likely a cross dresser , sent me this rather disturbing VIDEO via email.  
Just so happens that a few days later i receive another email
VIDEO  from a Hank Martin who appears to be anything but  a fan of Amy Shapiro . Compare both
and decide which one is the most convincing of the two. Im sure you will agree the second one wins hands down. Hey eating fans check out these youtube
PART 1 PART 2  PART 3  on organic hot dogs. Its a bitch that he couldn't combine all three into one but thats youtube for you with its 10 min time limit.  
Like me most of you just cant make that  change in your lifestyle by going Veggie but there is a healthy alternative and you can still have your beef. . I decided
last week to still eat the foods i love but invest a bit more cash and go organic. Its healthier for you and in the long run you will lose the weight and feel a whole
lot better. I did a chart comparison with a Nathans hot dog and an Applebee organic dog. Nathans dog has well over 300 calories. 20 grams of fat 7 grams
saturated fat  680 mg of sodium and this is not including the poisonous nitrates . These cows are grass fed.  An Applegate all beef organic dog has 7 grams of
fat 330 grams of SEA SALT  sodium which is good for you . no nitrates. 100 calories per dog and they taste great. $4.99 per package which is not that great a
difference from Nathans pack. They also come in chicken and turkey which of course has even less fat . Bottom line its best to go organic with anything you eat.
After watching this
VIDEO  it just might change your way of eating
Aug 16
Superpaul Barlow hits it big in Hollywood with a cameo role in the movie "The Change up" with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. The
actress that really steals the show is Olivia Wilde. What a hot little mama and some blazin hot sex scenes to boot. Yeah i know the movie
just hit the theatres and maybe im not supposed to post scenes from the movie but i bypassed youtube realizing that some asshole out
there that hates will report it just to f-- with me.  I also took into consideration all the cheap bastards out there that wont part with
$9 to watch the legendary Bonebreaker make his film debut . Hey it was like trying to get blood from a stone when some of my loyal CE
buddies wouldnt  part with $3 to watch my PPV BB corner shows back in 06 and O7   Gotta hand it to the Bonebreaker  he got lucky on
facebook entering keyword "extras" and low and behold he lands the extra role and get this , a brief speaking part at the end of the flick.
How cool is that?. Some struggling actors are lucky to get a 2 second cameo while the majority  get nothing at all. Dont call us we'll call
you. So much for the age factor . Paul is no spring chicken at 54 but he certainly is in demand . Bonebreaker l is visible in several
segments in the movie which comes to approx 5:40 worth of SPPBB screen time. Once you land a speaking part regardless of how many
words are involved , thats money in his pocket. From what i hear Bonebreakers services are required once again but this time with some
really hot numbers like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. Go get em Paul !. BB blog has been put on the disabled list for an indefinate
period of time Might be 6 months might be a year but it wont be less than six months. Unfortunatly  it seems to attract a very disturbed
individual we all know and hate. Unless this lowlife bastard either takes his own life which i doubt will happen or he happens to piss off  an
ex con that has nothing to live for and  decides to put him out of his misery, my blog will cease to exist. The only other  alternative  is if  
they lock his ass up for good(not 8 months)  or commit him  to  a mental institution which doesnt provide internet service for inpatients. I
hate doing this to the fans but lately he's the only one posting and  thats not good for biz. I cant tell for sure if fans have stopped posting
on my blog  because of him or because they prefer eatfeces? Regardless i have yet to see some generated feedback and because of
that  its just not worth leaving it open to  cater to a  demented weirdo.
Aug 17
Looks like there will a Tamale contest in Lewisville TX this year but it probably wont include  Rebecca Tortilla and the hot tamale girls.  
This statement came early this morning right from the  mouth of one "Hot tamale" . "Wow - just received a huge kick in the gut. I guess
hard work, loyalty and sweat equity doesn't matter to The City of Lewisville. Sad to report to you all especially since we started the
competition from scratch and even though we are still under contract to sponsor the competition this year; they taking bids to sponsor
the contest. Wonder if they lost their copy of the contract. Just saying! What should I do yall?.  Well Rebecca first of all if you were still
under contract to sponsor the event then you got one hell of a case unless the City of Lewisville has some damn good lawyers to
dispute your claim.  I was always under the assumption that Rebecca (senior hot tamale) was the final decision maker . Not so.
Apparently  the City of Lewisville has final jurisdiction and chose them to  sponsor the event since its inception 2005.  I have never
competed in this event but after viewing the video footage it appears the hot tamales worked damn hard before to make this one hell
of a show. I guess good things never last . Damon Wells shows off a real six pack in his FOX 5 demo in preparation for the Gyoza
contest Aug 20th. By the way if you think the guy is conceited well think again. He had no intention of lifting his shirt until the reporter
asked him . Those are real 6 pack abs not like the ones George Shea was trying to promote with that show me the guns Shredder
guy. Maybe its me but i honestly  never saw guns and i never saw packs.
Aug 21
Pat Bertoletti breaks Joey Chestnuts Gyoza record of 234 with an astounding total of 264 in 10 min Stonie was 51 short of the mark while Sonya gets
third with 209 Notorious B,OB next with 202 and the new Latin sensation Little Stephanie Torres rounds out the fifth and  final money spot with 172.
The entire field would have kicked my ass including Cardboard Shell who finished two spots ahead of the last place finisher with 117. I think my
numbers would have been closer to Yasir Salem type totals so in all honesty as far as $$$ and cents it would have been a total waste of money as far
as im concerned. I would have been mocked on eatfeces while the haters would beg  for my resignation. . When the bar is raised to the level its been
accustomed to year after year it makes it very hard for the old old school eaters like myself to make any type of splash. Sometimes i feel like the guy at
the end of the bench in an NBA game that gets a minute or two of garbage time while their team is ahead by 40 points. Reliable source informed me
the sponsor was first class all the way. I knew that upfront but when a sponsor covers the bar tab for all the eaters after the contest , you know you are
dealing with someone special. I am glad everyone had fun and hopefully i can give it a go next year. I will be in Buffalo competing in Wings on Sept 4th.
Stephanie Torres & Larell Marie Mele will be competing the day before (saturday) in the buffet bowl. Tamales in Texas  on the 24th look like a go but it
wont be the same without the Tamale girls. Rebecca Tortilla will give you the full lowdown chapter by chapter in her
BLOG  titled Tales from a Tamale
Aug 22
"On Aug 15  i destroyed the Huey's 24/7 burger challenge in NYC at  3:52. Finish the 2lb burger CHALLENGE in under 5 min and the $15 meal is free  It
was the second best time to date with the other time beating me by like 25 seconds.
This Saturday Aug 27th , BIG Brian Subich  will be eating wings for charity as part of a fundraiser  at the Hometown Bar & Grill 1007 Scalp ave  in Johnstown PA  
against volunteers from St. Vincent DePaul & Hometown Bar & Grill. The fundraiser begins at 8pm and lasts until 10.  BIG Brian will be raising money for the St.
Vincent DePaul Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen by competing in the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo NY on Sunday Septemember 4th . I think many of you saw
this but i thought i would
POST it again.  Crazy Legs attempt to become the first to compete in Nathans for 10 consecutive . He talks about bribing eaters and
pleading with some to stay home so he could have his day in the sun without any complications.
Aug 23
Tales from a Tamale lady PART2  has been posted by Dallas Tortilla. The first three paragraphs of the story were fine until  i had a problem with
the rest of the story. Without trashing anyone by name, its quite apparent that Dallas & the husband fell for the snow job big time. When
someone makes a lasting impression on a couple its hard to change their way of thinking . However, i have always lived by this motto and others
should follow if they haven't already. If you truly hate someone should your friend hate that same someone also? The answer is no because
thats how cliches are formed Real friends are those that allow you to be yourself and befriend whom you choose. Bottom line , Dallas & Hubby
thought they witnessed the second coming of Elvis when this guy walked through the door so why distort their lovely memory of someone
because of my personal feelings. Maybe the other tamale  champion (a female) can convince them otherwise. By the way eatfeces lives up to its
true form by stealing this link right off my Aug 21 update  without mentioning my name  Real class act OJ you never  cease to amaze me .
Anyone heard of this guy Will Millender who calls himself the champ? More like a fat chump. Sends me this nasty FB message the other day  
forecasting my mortality claiming i will die a bitter old man with no friends. I guess he didn't care for my response which was twice or even three
times more brutal. He comes back with a return email claiming he never read past the first line, but from the tone of his response its obvious he
read the entire email. This guy is a classic example of a self pity loser  with a big mouth  on the world wide web but wont exemplify one ioda of
that bravado bullshit in person. He is not the only one . Without mentioning names  (one being female ) this is the only place where they can
show their face and compose their thoughts. The kind of thoughts they would never convey to you in person.  Real fu-- sad isnt it? Difference
between me and these self absorbed mental patients is that i convey those same thoughts in  pen and in person. Slamming someone via email
is the same as cursing someone out from another room in your house. If you cant tell them how you feel to their face, you are a worthless
coward in my book.
Aug 26
On to CE news. Will Fatso Millender has proven that he nothing
but a two faced hypocrite as he makes his return to the organization that gave him his upstart  All Pro Retards. He was bad mouthing these
guys after he was told his services were no longer required but here is he all 450 lbs  eating Apple Pie on Sept 18th. I guess they must be
shorthanded.   Im actually happy for Joe Menchetti  for   even though he  makes money competing independently ,  he still years to be part of
what i consider an eating club more than anything else. Well at least he gets a ranking which is good for something . Speaking of Millender i
had a change of heart and just might post the two emails he sent me  last week just to prove to you the  kind of an disrespectful asshole this
guy really is. What does it matter anyhow? He claims nobody including himself never pays attention to my updates or bothers visiting my
Aug 27
If Mayor Bloomberg ordered a mandatory evacuation of residents in Coney Island, you know that Irene is nothing to play with.  With wind gusts up to 95mph
many landmarks surrounding the outlying area are in jeopardy. That also means that what many consider to be the Wall of Shame might come tumbling down
before our very eyes. I am sure those very words would sound like music to the ears of the pioneers of the sport such as Moses Lerman, Cookie Jarvis Charles
Hardy & Takeru Kobayashi  just to name a few. If you remember last year their images were replaced with the likes of Joey Chestnut, Juliet Lee along Eater X
and a few others.  Crazy Legs Conti's image was rearranged on the wall so that it would take front and center stage over all of them. Rich Shea contacted me via
email asking my thoughts on how to prepare for Irene.

Instead he posts these lame ass
TIPS from the chosen one . Borrowing  a line line from the great or shall i say "Ingrate" Brad Sciullo , this basically sums up my
thoughts  "Gimme a break dude" Takeru Kobayashi was on hand signing autographs and even took the mound for the South Shore Wildcats minor league
basecall team in Indiana. Here is the
VIDEO. Expect sneaky Eatfeces to grab this link right from here and post it five minutes after you read this
1. Make sure you downloaded all 26
past episodes of BB corner
2. Clean out your nearest
supermarkert on Saturday morning
3. Read Bits and Pieces archives from
2003-2011 if available
4, Dont be afraid to attempt to have
sex or love the one youre not  with
because this could be the END!
5. If none of the above apply  Get the
next flight out to Vegas ASAP
Aug 28
it appears that NYC has weathered the storm but sad to report i cant say the same for certain parts of Long Island & NJ especially the beaches that took a
direct hit. The best part is that its over with and hopefully we wont have to endure the anticipation of another hurricane for quite some time. The fear of the
unknown is worse than the actual storm itself. I was on youtube  the other day and found this remix
VIDEO of a Four tops song . What makes it so unique is
that after hearing the first few bars of the remix i could swear it was produced by Badlands Booker .
Aug 29
Caribbean Beef Patty VIDEO is posted on youtube. You might be saying to yourself why the hell am linking that crap
to my page? I just wanted to point out something  and make a comparison at the same time  . Gavonne  leaves a
worthless comment for another worthless individual under   user ID muzixan. Do you remember the movie Pulp
Fiction when Bruce Willis rescues Marcellus Wallace from being porked in the rear and  inevitable death  by the
deputy that was going to do the same to Willis until Willis was able to cut himself loose from the chair? Willis first
instinct was to get the hell out of there and let nature takes its course on the both of them . He ends up saving
Wallace and wasting the deputy. If it were in Willis shoes  i think everyone knows what path i would take and it
wouldnt be the latter.
Aug 30
I can see where the water training has its benefits  but i could never get into it the way Joey Chestnut or Bob Shoudt . .. If it were
that easy everyone would be champions but after downing 64oz of water just now , i felt a quick appetite surge. The thing about
the water training is that you have to totally  commit yourself  on a long term basis to reap substancial  results. At my age im like an
automobile with 130 000 miles  Just cant take chances like that at 51 like Joey does at 27. What does he do ? 3 gallons a day, 5
microwave ovens ,  and at the same time practices with contest food yet? No wonder  why he walks away with all the prize money  
at every event. My health is not that great to begin with so could you imagine what my kidneys and gastro tract would look like if i
attempted 1/3 of what this guy puts his body through? Think about it fans. You have to wonder where the fuck was competitive
eating when i needed it like maybe 1985 86? when i was half the age i am now . I certainly would have fit in  as far as the age level
and the competitive level as well. You have no idea the amount of food i used to consume in a short period of time  without putting
on a a pound of flesh. Nice to stroll down memory lane but those days are over. I just dont want to look like an ass in Buffalo and
finish dead last in wings like 2008.
Aug 31
Cannot wait for this Month to end. Nothing but depressing stories and miserable people . Its funny how certain assholes that
hide behind the computer just seeth at the opportunity to slam me at the slightest mention of my name. Funny how empty
threats take center stage on a website that is just about as empty as its fake author. Aside from a demented weirdo In Coney
Island  that tried to shove a cell phone camera in my face from a distance,  , has anyone ever followed through with their
threats to inflict bodily harm? No because if they were stupid enough to come within 10 ft of me its Goodnight Irene. Back to
CE. Dallas Tortilla and the tamale girls might be back . Dallas contacted me early last evening saying she put in a bid to
sponsor the event . Really how can you conduct a hot tamale contest without the hot tamale ladies. . I noticed my name was
left off the roster and it wasnt until i contacted them via email . that they added my name.